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The Cutting Edge of Kalis Ilustrisimo – Part 2

Grandmaster Tony Diego often teases Shamim Haque with typically relaxed good humour, “Go home, you know it already, no need to train anymore!”  But Shamim insists he has only scratched the surface of what the art, and Master Tony, have … Continue reading

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KIRO in Madrid, Spain

Congratulations to Guru Shamim Haque, and thanks to Timeteo Fredianelli, regarding the recent Kalis Ilustrisimo seminar held in Madrid on the 5th Feburary, 2011.  Despite organizing the seminar at short notice, and with a relatively small group of eskrimadors attending, … Continue reading

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Best Martial Arts – for Law Enforcement?

Best Martial Arts? Can I just say, right at the outset, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a best martial art – however, I’ve noticed that this is a common search question on the web, and it’s … Continue reading

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Kalis Ilustrisimo seminar in Madrid!

Guro Shamim Haque, Director of Kalis Ilustrisimo Repeticion Orihinal (KIRO) U.K. and Ireland will teach a seminar in Madrid, Spain on 6th February, 2011. Don’t miss this opportunity to train in the most feared blade system from the Philippines with Guro … Continue reading

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