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“Because You’re Worth It!” Or are you? Rank inflation in the martial arts.

Rank inflation in the arts is something any long-time practitioner will have witnessed more than once in their time, and there can be many different drivers that cause it to occur. I had to deal with this issue – hopefully … Continue reading

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Supporting the Body and the Mind – Supplemental Training for the informed martial artist

For most modern martial arts students, supplemental training tends to refer to running for fitness, a new stretching routine or an alternative resistance training regime, but the truly traditional disciplines were replete with all manner of effective adjuncts to calisthenics … Continue reading

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The Art of Teaching the Martial

Martial Arts and the Art of Teaching So Much Bad Teaching, So Little Time I have worked in many industries at many levels and in many roles, but the most difficult role I have been trying to fill adequately for the … Continue reading

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