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Fit to Fight – Exercise, Health and training to survive

Introduction There is a long-running debate concerning whether training in the art makes you fit for the art – as well as just generally fitter – or whether it is necessary to undergo fitness training to enable you to survive … Continue reading

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Grunting, Squealing and Shouting – what the hell’s going on?

A little while ago I was interested to read an article in the London Evening Standard about female tennis players, regarding research into the reasons for, and effectiveness of, loud exhalations while striking the ball on court.  Most top tennis … Continue reading

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Supporting the Body and the Mind – Supplemental Training for the informed martial artist

For most modern martial arts students, supplemental training tends to refer to running for fitness, a new stretching routine or an alternative resistance training regime, but the truly traditional disciplines were replete with all manner of effective adjuncts to calisthenics … Continue reading

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In Pain?

I’ve just watched an episode of Horizon on BBC Two, called ‘The Secret World of Pain’, and a few days ago another BBC Science programme called ‘Pleasure and Pain’, with Dr. Michael Mosley, the last in a series on the … Continue reading

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