Prof. Wally Jay’s Centennial

2017 would have been the late, great Prof. Wally Jay’s 100th Birthday, and to celebrate, Prof. Leon Jay, Prof. Wally’s son and successor and the Small Circle Jujitsu organisation are holding a number of special Centennial Seminars and Celebrations.  This last weekend saw the first of these in London, England where Prof. Leon has been based for the last 28 years.

We were privileged to have Master David Quinonez, one of Prof. Wally’s original Judo students travel over from Alameda, California to teach.  He is without doubt the most technical and structured Judo teacher I have ever encountered.  Along with his regular training partner, Master Brad Burgo, he was a key player in Prof. Wally’s Judo team.  Those of you familiar with Prof. Wally’s work will know that he used his Judo team to pressure-test many of his innovations in Jujitsu.  Master Quinonez taught a master-class in body-throws and sweeps to seminar attendees from many different martial styles.

Prof. Leon taught the fine detail behind finger and wrist locking, including the advances in energy work to enhance the effectiveness of what are already incredibly efficient techniques.

Those attending were also treated to a guest session by Master Shamim Haque, my teacher for, and the Head of, Kalis Ilustrisimo Repetition Orihinal (KIRO) for the UK and Ireland, and the most senior teacher of this art in Europe.  Master Shamim was assisted by Guro Andy Tyler in demonstrating the deadly sword and dagger techniques of this highly respected and feared blade discipline.  For practical purposes in his teaching session, Master Shamim concentrated on teaching the KIRO version of Filipino boxing, showing how clearly the system equates the hand and the blade by alternating between hand and dagger.

In the coming weeks seminars will be hosted in Indianapolis by Will Higginbotham and in Prof. Wally’s old Alameda home dojo.  If you’d like to attend these, you can find the details on the official Small Circle Jujitsu website.

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In daily training in the martial arts for the last 53 years; teaching almost daily for 43 years. Hold teaching ranks in 27 martial arts, Master ranked in 4 arts, Headmaster of 3 systems, the Founder of 2 arts, and the co-Founder of 2 others. Has been the official Technical Advisor to Profs. Wally and Leon Jay of Small Circle Ju-jitsu since the 1990's. Assistant Headmaster of Small Circle Ju-jitsu and the co-founder and joint Headmaster of Small Circle Concepts with Prof. Leon Jay. Has three Bachelor degrees and a Masters Degree in History. Experienced writer - published or featured in all of the UK martial arts magazines and in Inside Kung Fu in US, as well as: Esquire; She; Elle; Woman's Journal; Health and Fitness; Zest; Marie Claire and The Independent (UK national daily newspaper). Has been featured on BBC and ITV news programmes as expert on weapons defence and usage in relation to law enforcement issues. Former CPO (Bodyguard), and still active as a Bodyguard trainer.
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