Joint Seminar – Kalis Ilustrisimo Repeticion Orihinal (KIRO) & Small Circle Jujitsu Concepts Programme (SCC)

Saturday 12th October, 2013

KIRO UK & Ireland hosted a joint six hour seminar in London with Small Circle Jujitsu today.  Master Shamim Haque, the Director of KIRO UK & Ireland and the personal representative of GM Tony Diego, 2nd Generation head of the Ilustrisimo system taught a seminar alongside Master John Mellon, 7th Dan Small Circle Jujitsu and the joint-founder and Headmaster of Small Circle Concepts.  John is a student under Master Shamim and of Prof. Wally Jay, the founder of Small Circle Jujitsu and his son and successor, Prof. Leon Jay.  Prof. Wally, amongst his own many achievements, was also famously friend and mentor to Bruce Lee.  John was the personal technical advisor to Prof. Wally for the last 15 years of his life until his passing, and continues in this role to Prof. Leon.

The seminar drew parallels between the directness and efficiency of the principles of each art.  Cyclical training drills from both generic FMA sources and KIRO were used to build a referencing system to select the most appropriate Small Circle Jujitsu grappling techniques offered by any point of engagement in both empty hand and knife confrontations.  The KIRO stylists began learning the highly efficient techniques of Small Circle, and the Small Circle practitioners were introduced to the lethal effectiveness of KIRO knife fighting and empty hand tactics.  Master Shamim was, as ever, masterly in his demonstration of the way that each stroke of the blade can be made to counter and close down all the opponent’s options, and the Small Circle stylists have asked that he comes to teach guest sessions at their dojo in the near future.  John was delighted to have the opportunity to share the concepts that underpin Small Circle, which he considers the most effective arrest and restraint art available today and to honour his teachers, Profs. Wally and Leon Jay.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the day hugely, which attracted practitioners of the eminence of GM Gary Stringer of Stringer ha Jukado, one of the most effective close- quarter combat instructors in the world, and John Mellon expressed how honoured he felt to connect two of his great passions, which he believes are exemplars of their martial arts systems, Kalis and Jujitsu.

If any FMA stylists would like to host Master Shamim or John Mellon/Prof. Leon Jay in either their respective arts or jointly, they can be contacted through the following channels:

Personal Facebook pages for Meenul Shamim Haque, Leon Jay & John Mellon, and group pages for Kalis Ilustrisimo UK & Ireland and Small Circle Jujitsu.

Websites: &

John Mellon has a blog that has articles on a wide range of martial arts, including FMA:

Phone: Master Shamim Haque – +447974274324; John Mellon +447856145127

Prof. Leon Jay can be contacted on +441737 210052

Master John Mellon and Prof. Leon Jay’s next seminar appearances will be at the Fall Small Circle Jujitsu Camp in Indianapolis over the 18th, 19th, and 20th October, and at the IMMAF’s Triple Threat Seminar in London, Ontario hosted by Prof. Steve Stewart on the 25th and 26th October.

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