A beautifully written and highly valid set of observations – as a Catholic of mixed Scots/Irish/Italian cultural background, I’ve experienced the consequences of such misinterpretations of symbologies. This is likewise a problem in martial arts, with some groups highjacking the coincidence of religion/worldview and culture from which particular arts originate at the serious end, to the more trivial, yet nonetheless intense and destructive rivalries between systems and styles.

A thought provoking read – I’d recommend it highly to any thoughtful or mindful artist.

Before the Downbeat


Music can inspire great achievements and launch a personal journey of discovery.  Unfortunately, it can also be used to incite violence and promote an agenda of hatred.  Like most people, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the recent shooting at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.  As a musician, I am disturbed that the alleged gunman used music to further his extremist views.  While upsetting, it also provides opportunity for focus and reflection.

Evidently the gunman was in a band that promoted white supremacy and racial bigotry.  While it is baffling that there is a market for such music, it’s even more troubling that some people blindly follow and assume the message is true.  I do not listen to this type of music and certainly do not seek it out.  That said, I’ve stumbled upon some rather alarming music videos by simply clicking a link or two.  It’s not…

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