Mind, Body and Spirit

Some of my more regular readers may have been a little surprised to find that I reblogged a post from a young lady who was not a martial artist, and who was writing about her internal life.  So I just thought I’d write a couple of lines to further address it’s relevance to the concerns we normally deal with at The Martial Arts University.

Firstly, martial art is about a great deal more than simply conditioning the body and then using it as a tool to survive physical conflict; after all, you (hopefully) won’t be spending a significant portion of your daily life fighting…Tip: if you are you’re doing something wrong, or at least failing to get yourself out of horrible circumstances!

Secondly, if martial art is anything like the comprehensive education I’ve always maintained it is, it really should be capable of allowing even the toughest males to examine, comprehend and then integrate their emotional lives with their physical existence.

Thirdly, and following on from the point above, good martial artists tend to be polymaths and are therefore interested in almost everything around them – they’re polymaths not because they necessarily start off as being multi-skilled, but because they find much of what they encounter stimulating – this includes all sorts of ‘soft’ things: emotions; art; nature etc!

You know I’ve written before on how one can encounter some real ego-maniacs in the arts (and that goes for more than the martial kind) – see ‘Type A Personalities and the Martial Arts” – but the tension between the attempt to find the balance between confidence and arrogance through the training of our minds and bodies is a more common problem for most of us.  And for teachers, even or perhaps especially the talented ones, the problem is exacerbated – we might find some real assurance in our abilities to perform and to teach, but the regard in which others hold us is much tougher to be sure of.

Just thought it might be worth addressing…


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