KIRO in Madrid, Spain

Congratulations to Guru Shamim Haque, and thanks to Timeteo Fredianelli, regarding the recent Kalis Ilustrisimo seminar held in Madrid on the 5th Feburary, 2011. 

Despite organizing the seminar at short notice, and with a relatively small group of eskrimadors attending, Guru Shamim was very pleased at the outcome, with a number of highly experienced exponents attending from other systems, such as Pekiti Tirsia.  A lot of material was covered due to the experience of the attendees, and with the help of Johannes Flieger PhD, one of Guru Shamim’s London-based students who is fluent in Spanish, which obviously helped enormously in making the teaching accessible.

I know that Guru Shamim regretted not having more time to spend with the seminar attendees afterwards, and we hope to organize further seminars this year in Spain where the art of Ilustrisimo was being showcased for the first time.

Thanks again to Timeteo and to all who attended – we look forward to seeing you all again soon!


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