What’s in a name?

Greetings to all my fellow martial arts students, and all the general public who don’t know quite what to make of all that shouting, stamping and throwing your arms and legs around!

My name is John Mellon; I founded a training method called Munen Muso Ryu back in 1980, which has continued to develop and evolve ever since.  I’m not a champion of anything or a tournament fighter in any way – I don’t despise such activities; they’re just not for me.  For one thing, I have no natural physical talent for the martial arts, but I do have nearly 5 decades of study behind me in a plethora of arts, under a wide variety of excellent teachers, and if I can attain a real measure of knowledge and competency, anyone can! 

I am passionate about what the martial arts offer to us all – I believe they are the ultimate problem-solving art – not because violence is a good solution, but because the stakes are so high; getting it wrong can mean death or disablement!  The ability to analyse a situation and make good decisions based on that understanding are crucial, and that’s what I concentrate on teaching my students.

I’m a working-class guy who was fortunate enough to get an excellent education when that was still possible to do without incurring a life-time of debt, and so my ambition is to promote the all-round education that properly presented martial arts can represent – hence the title of my blog.  I have come very close to establishing a martial arts university in the U.K. in the past, and I will continue working towards that goal until I succeed.  I want to see a true professionalisation of the teaching of the arts, and an accredited formal education path in the field would do much to accomplish this.

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About themartialartsuniversity

In daily training in the martial arts for the last 53 years; teaching almost daily for 43 years. Hold teaching ranks in 27 martial arts, Master ranked in 4 arts, Headmaster of 3 systems, the Founder of 2 arts, and the co-Founder of 2 others. Has been the official Technical Advisor to Profs. Wally and Leon Jay of Small Circle Ju-jitsu since the 1990's. Assistant Headmaster of Small Circle Ju-jitsu and the co-founder and joint Headmaster of Small Circle Concepts with Prof. Leon Jay. Has three Bachelor degrees and a Masters Degree in History. Experienced writer - published or featured in all of the UK martial arts magazines and in Inside Kung Fu in US, as well as: Esquire; She; Elle; Woman's Journal; Health and Fitness; Zest; Marie Claire and The Independent (UK national daily newspaper). Has been featured on BBC and ITV news programmes as expert on weapons defence and usage in relation to law enforcement issues. Former CPO (Bodyguard), and still active as a Bodyguard trainer.
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